Loss Limits are specified amounts of money set by yourself whereby you may not place a bet for an amount which could possibly cause that limit to be exceeded. The net loss over a period is calculated as the amount bet (out) minus the amount returned (in) during that period.

For instance, if you set a Loss Limit of €100 per week and had bet €80 thus far that week, the maximum amount you would be allowed to bet for the remainder of that week would be €20. However, if you won €50 back on winning bets, your net loss for that week would then stand at €30 (€80 out minus €50 in). Therefore, the maximum amount you are allowed to bet would then be €70 (€100 minus €30). Loss Limits apply regardless of the available balance in your account.

You can contact Customer Services to set a daily, weekly or monthly recurring Loss Limit. Should you wish to remove or increase this limit, there is a mandatory 72-hour cooling off period from when the request is submitted to Customer Services. We cannot override this feature or make exceptions.